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Scrub SOV


Scrub SOV is an automated way to format your Schedule Of Values (SOVs) for importing into RMS or AIR.  We cleanse SOVs at the click of a button. (Reading Slips is planned for the future).

Please get in touch for a demo.


Spreadsheet Cleansing

Upload your spreadsheet to our platform and receive the cleansed version back in seconds in the correct format for RMS or AIR.

Auto Fill Accounts (Planned)

Using OCR technology, the accounts tab in the spreadsheet is automatically populated from the information on the slip.

Address Parsing

The address will be parsed and validated to make sure the location information is consistent (i.e. the correct post code format, etc.). 

Price validation

The average price per square foot for that location will be checked and inconsistencies will be flagged.

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