Scrub AI

We are a research focussed company taking on problems that are only possible to solve with machine learning and AI. We specialise in automating the repetitive task of data cleansing or "scrubbing". Spreadsheets are currently cleansed with rule based systems, normally written as Excel macros. These don't scale and can't take into account multiple edge cases in the data.  We use the latest breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Vision to achieve above human accuracy in data cleansing.




Andrew Pelton, Co-founder



Alex Ley, Co-founder


Andrew has a Masters in Machine Learning from UCL and 4+ years of experience as a machine learning researcher and engineer. Previously deployed big data machine learning solutions to law firm.

Alex is a full stack developer who contributes to major open-source Excel python libraries. He has UI, front-end, product management, and business strategy expertise with an MBA from the IE Business School, Madrid.

Nicola Turner, Co-founder


Pontus Stenetorp, Advisor

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Nicola is has 6+ years of experience in the insurance industry as a Lloyd's Property Underwriter and Catastrophe Modelling Assistant. She has first-hand experience of the delights of the day-to-day data cleaning tasks and workflows in insurance.

Pontus is a leading researcher in NLP. He is a lecturer at UCL and has published hundreds of papers in machine reading. 

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