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Scrub AI

We are a research focussed company taking on problems that are only possible to solve with machine learning and AI. We specialise in automating the repetitive task of data cleansing or "scrubbing". Spreadsheets are currently cleansed with rule based systems, normally written as Excel macros. These don't scale and can't take into account multiple edge cases in the data.  We use the latest breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Vision to achieve above human accuracy in data cleansing.




Andrew Pelton



Alex Ley


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Andrew has a Masters in Machine Learning from UCL and 4+ years of experience as a machine learning researcher and engineer. He has previously deployed big data machine learning solutions in several companies, including banks and law firms.

Alex is a full stack developer who contributes to major open-source Excel python libraries. He has UI, front-end, product management, and business strategy expertise with an MBA from the IE Business School, Madrid.


Nicola Turner



Pontus Stenetorp


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Nicola has 6+ years of experience in the insurance industry as a Lloyd's Property Underwriter and Catastrophe Modelling Assistant. She has first-hand experience of the delights of the day-to-day data cleaning tasks and workflows in insurance.

Pontus is an Associate Professor in Natural Language Processing at University College London (UCL), Head of the UCL NLP research group, and Deputy Directory of the UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence. He has 10+ years of experience as a leading NLP researcher with more than 60 publications that have been cited more than 2,500 times and has served and currently serves as an advisor to several startups.


Mike Pelton

Data Scientist | Founding Team


Axel van Lith

ML Engineer | Founding Team

Mike has 6+ years of experience in data analytics, most recently as a Data Scientist at Facebook and Profitability Lead at Stuart Delivery. Mike excels at generating insights from data, building meaningful KPIs, and is a pandas/SQL wizard.

Axel has a Masters in Machine Learning from UCL where he focussed on NLP and worked with Pontus to implement an Anisotropic Hierarchical Vector Quantizer. Axel excels at generating augmented and synthetic data in order to boost the accuracy and robustness of large NLP transformer models.


Lahari Balantrapu

ML Engineer


Ion Stagkos

ML Engineer

Lahari has a Master's in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from University of Birmingham with varied research experience in vision and health care AI.  She is enthusiastic to expand her horizons by using NLP here at Scrub AI. Lahari's degree in Computer Science and her knowledge of several programming languages makes her a duellist working on Backend tasks along with the NLP.

Ion has a Master’s in AI from Imperial College London and wide ML knowledge that he passionately applies here at Scrub. His research, including a first author publication at a NeurIPS workshop, has focused on large NLP transformer models. Ion also holds a Master’s in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford.


Mark Turner

Product Support Engineer


Ken Kinneen

Web Developer

Mark has a level 3 certification in customer service and is applying that knowledge at Scrub in order to streamline customer on-boarding and issue resolution. He has 4+ years of experience in the BMW Service Department, so he is well placed to provide support to our clients as we grow. Having also worked with Scrub when we started, he is also familiar with the product and the data and will be helping to test and develop the product too.

Ken has 6+ years of experience building websites for clients as a freelance Web Developer. He is extremely proficient with Next.js and uses it to build fluid and reactive user experiences. At Scrub, Ken is building out our Web Platform, which will allow users to clean an SOV without leaving the browser.


Eleanor Malyon

Business Development Manager

Eleanor has 4+ years’ experience in the insurance sector as a Catastrophe Modelling and Data Analyst. She has joined us to assist with the understanding of complex insurance data processing and develop the product to enhance the user experience. She will also be working alongside Nicola to explore new client partnerships and opportunities for business development.


Uresh Naik

Lead Investor & Board Member

Uresh joins our 3 co-founders on the board and brings a wealth of SaaS experience and several successful exits as both a founder and board member.

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