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“Scrub has considerably improved our ability to cleanse data for our systems. It has made it easier to take the average location schedule and format it for our needs, implementing syndicate specific rules and with the added benefit of being able to handle multiple schedules for greater efficiency across the team.”
Luke Taylor, Catastrophe Modeller - Beazley



We have built a data-cleaning engine that uses NLP to understand spreadsheets like a human would and cleans them faster and more accurately than a human ever could.


Automated spreadsheet cleansing at the click of a button. Send us your data, our AI does the scrubbing, you get the results back in record time with unbeatable accuracy.

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We take on the hardest problems in data cleansing where previous rule based systems have failed.


Our program consists of an ensemble of machine learning models that solve the main 6 problems of data cleansing. The system is tailored to fit the needs of the data and will learn continuously. 



Scrub RMS

Cleanses Schedule of Values into RMS format

Scrub AIR

Cleanses Schedule of Values in AIR format



We are a team of Machine Learning Engineers, Full-stack Developers and Insurance Experts. We specialise in using the latest breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing and Machine Vision to solve data cleaning problems. Our AI automates this repetitive task where other software solutions have previously failed.


We are pleased to announce that we were part of the Lloyd's Lab Cohort 6 (April - July 2021) and that we have been accepted into the NVIDIA Inception program (September 2021).

Additionally, we have received an Innovate UK Smart Grant for an R&D project (April 2022).

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